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Company profile
We are a family business founded in 1928, with about 230 employees. Our main activities are the development and manufacturing of circuitry accessories, installation systems and electronic modules.

We are specialized in manufacturing terminals for connecting electric cables and wires. The range comprises various junction terminals for mounting onto rails, with numerous applications in the control technique, distribution switchboards and panels.

In Switzerland our terminals have already been fully tried and tested. Thanks to the close connection between Woertz and the practicians and to the continuous improvement in quality of our products, we are known as a reliable partner at home and abroad. We now more and more turn to export; our products and especially our terminals may now be found on the international market.

Head office Muttenz
Subsidiary company in Holstein

Our Company is located both in Muttenz near Basle and in Holstein. Circuitry accessories are manufactured in Muttenz, duct systems are produced in Holstein. In the field of installation systems, Woertz has also become famous. Our strength lies in the supplying of industrial or administrative large area premises by means of underfloor raceways or modular under-window ducts.

Outsourcing services are also one of our activities. They consist in manufacturing products for other companies by means of our ultra-modern devices.

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we were successful in developing innovative techniques such as the quick connection technique and the appreciated flat cable systems with direct connection of boxes, without the conductors having to be stripped of insulation. This unique system has become a symbol! technofil and ecofil were the first systems developed. With the ecobus system we took a step forward. Intelligent and future-orientated, this system may become a european standard and hit the international market.


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